CakePHP Development for Handling Complex Business Operations With Ease

Published: 13th October 2010
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Technology is used by us to make our work simpler and these a need to make complex enterprise level operations and large scale functions is becoming a dire need to organizations. There are various kinds of functions that a company handles that need to be simplified to make the workflow smoother and continuous. This is where you may need CakePHP development, which assures simplifying any kind of complex operation, and allows the organizations to carry it out with maximum ease.

CakePHP development is an MVC based framework and thus it allows for a smoother functioning of the development process. This way you can handle any length of development process with better control and clearer visualization. MVC framework divides the presentation and development part of the application into two separate work modules, which can be individually worked on giving the designers, and the developers complete freedom to work according to their own requirements without having to worry about the other’s limitation.

This division into Model, View and Controller simplifies the development process and hence makes complex tasks easier. Not only this CakePHP web development helps the developers to build applications that are more robust and scalable. Their representation value is increased as the designers have the complete freedom to experiment and explore irrespective of what the technical part of the application.

Other benefits of CakePHP development:

• Compatible with PHP4 as well as PHP5

• Reduces Code repentance in website and application development

• Fast and flexible Templating

• Built in view helpers for AJAX, JavaScript, HTML Forms

• Data Validation features

• MIT license and thus available for free

• Scaffolding

• Easy web services integration as well as development

Bigger enterprises and other large-scale industries are taking help of CakePHP development to create efficient applications to manage large scale of work that they undertake. This is especially handy in the current times when all the organizations are looking to expand their operations where managing them can be a difficult task. This is where CakePHP development works out the best for them.

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